Paras Booti | Paaras Booti | Paras Buti | Paras Moti

Benefits, Characteristics & Uses of Paras Booti | Paaras Booti | Paras Buti:

  • Growth in business
  • Expansion of business
  • Growth in income
  • Growth in career
  • For love relations
  • Activates third eye charka
  • Develops intuition power
  • Very rare talisman
  • Very high power
  • Helps in winning court cases
  • It moves in water
  • Helps in maintaining & developing overseas connections
  • For marries couples and lovers
  • Helps in finding desired life partner
  • For social relations
  • For personal relationships
  • Helps in maintaining a good family relations

Types of Paras Booti | Paaras Booti | Paras Buti

  • Small size – Single piece (without root)
  • Big size – Single piece (without root)
  • Small – Pair with actual root
  • Medium – Pair with actual root
  • Large – Pair with actual root

NOTE: All our products are Energized, Pranpratishtha done, Activated, Shudhi done as per our Vedas. Sarvarthsidhi is properly done, then product is delivered to the customer. All the products on our website are completely safe and natural.

Types of Paras Moti

Small size – Single piece (without root), Big size – Single piece (without root), Small – Pair with actual root, Medium – Pair with actual root, Large – Pair with actual root


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