Natural Khamakhya Sindhur

Benefits, Characteristics & Uses of Kamakhya Sindhur | Kamakhaya Sindhoor | Kamiya Sindhur | Kamiya Sindhoor | Kamya

  • Attraction
  • For haunted places
  • Making strong aura
  • Hypnosis
  • For evil eyes
  • Maintaining good marital relations
  • For BP
  • For sex drive
  • Increasing body aura
  • Winning court cases
  • For negativities
  • Awakens spiritually
  • Awakens kundalini
  • Activation of third-eye
  • Makes strong will power
  • Helps in meditation

NOTE: All our products are Energized, Pranpratishtha done, Activated, Shudhi done as per our Vedas. Sarvarthsidhi is properly done, then product is delivered to the customer. All the products on our website are completely safe and natural.

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Natural Khamakhya Sindhur Packs

Small Pack, Large Pack, Big Basket, For Marriage Ceremony & Saat Phere, For Money & Wealth, For Business, Expansion & Profitability, For Vastu Dosh Nivaran


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